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Bean bags and slides won’t appeal to everyone…

Posted On: 11/06/2015 | In the Category: Business office furniture, interior office design, Office design, Office furniture, Office interior design, Office interiors, Office refurbishment designers, office relocation

Businessman jumping into beanbag chair in officeWith the governments’ push for companies to take on apprentices, combined with a need for people to keep working well into their 60s because of the state of their pension fund, it’s highly likely that up to four generations could be sharing space in today’s modern workplace!  Baby Boomers, Generations X, Y and Z, could all be working alongside one another in the same office…

All businesses want the best from their employees, after all they’re the ones that ultimately make them money, but a working environment that makes a Baby Boomer productive could have quite the opposite effect on a Gen Y.  So how can companies create an effective workplace that gets the best from every generation?

Some companies may think that a workplace that has replaced standard desks and chairs with collaborative spaces and more informal ‘coffee shop’ style layouts will attract and retain Generation Z, and they’re probably right, but what they fail to recognise is that this type of office interior design may not appeal to the over 50s (Baby Boomers).  Therefore, before you start to redesign your workplace it’s important to consult with staff to establish what best supports them.

At Whitespace when we undertake an office refurbishment or relocation, as well as understanding how7959_lo-res your company works and what you want to achieve from the space, we also take the time to identify with staff and see how/if we can incorporate their ‘wish list’ into the office interior design. This could result in providing different spaces within the office for the different tasks people undertake.  Alternatively they may all like the idea of sitting on bean bags instead of standard operator chairs or taking the slide to the next floor!

Whatever you decide, we believe anything is possible and we are able to offer solutions that meet your business needs.  Our aim is to create a space where generations can comfortably work together.  We are confident in our ability to deliver an environment that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and will optimise the space available.

In a world where money is no longer a primary motivator, focusing on what employees want from their workspace is fast becoming an important factor for employers…

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