Behind every good teacher…

Posted On: 19/01/2017 | In the Category: School refurbishment

…is a great environment!

Teachers and support staff play a huge part in the success of any education establishment, yet, research conducted by the National Union of Teachers (NUT) revealed that over half of the country’s teachers are considering leaving the profession within the next two years!

Why? The finger is being firmly pointed in the direction of low morale and excessive workloads…

So, how can you expect your students to do well when the staff are clearly unhappy?Unfortunately we can’t do anything about workload, but showing your appreciation for your staff can be achieved by upgrading their facilities; the staffroom is a great place to start!

Staffrooms can come in all shapes and sizes, from small rooms with a tea point and a few clusters of table and chairs, to large spaces with sofas and a food preparation area. To some it’s a place to escape from the demands of the classroom, allowing them to grab a coffee and recharge their batteries, while to others it’s a place for marking, lesson planning, knowledge sharing and collaborating with colleagues. Depending on the décor they can be rooms buzzing with activity, or they are avoided at all costs!

Take a look around your staffroom; has the seating seen better days? Are there coffee stains on the flooring? Do staff have an area to prepare and eat lunch? Is there a place to securely store personal belongings?

Classrooms to Washrooms and everything in between


A well designed and furnished space can boost morale. Working closely with you throughout the design process, we are confident that we can transform your staffroom into a relaxing yet functional environment that will inspire and motivate.

At Whitespace our aim is to change education environments for the better and we have gained considerable experience in the interior design, refurbishment and furnishing of schools and colleges throughout the North West. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book a no-obligation consultation. There really is no better time to invest in the future of your staff…

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