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Bespoke office furniture

At Whitespace we pride ourselves on the level of detail we go into when designing a client’s office space. We appreciate that every workplace is unique and as such it can be difficult to source standard furniture to fit the space, that’s why when we get to work designing your office, we don’t just look at standard ranges, we also offer bespoke office furniture.

Bespoke office furniture allows you to fully utilise the office space you have available. With over 20 years experience in office design and space planning, we can offer tailor made solutions to suit your exact requirements.

So, why should you choose bespoke office furniture rather than off the shelf products? There are a number of reasons and advantages to take into consideration:

  • It can maximise space by offering customised sizes and shapes to fit small and/or awkward rooms perfectly.
  • Bespoke office furniture is custom built to your specification, so you get to choose material, finish and colour.
  • It can be designed to match/complement existing furniture.

Sales of bespoke office furniture have risen over the past few years, with more and more of our clients requesting/needing custom made items to meet the requirements of their workplace.

We are confident in our ability to deliver a working environment that is practical, aesthetically pleasing and makes the most of the space available. We believe anything is possible and are able to provide standard and bespoke office furniture that meets all your business needs. From reception desks to storage systems, we design, supply and install products that will enhance your working environment.

For bespoke office furniture that creates a lasting impression contact us now.

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