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Board room table

A board room table is more than a flat surface to sit around. The boardroom is the heart of any business; it’s a place where top level executive meetings are held. But, for many businesses, it’s more than just a room for management discussions. It’s where they meet with clients and suppliers, a place to hold team briefings, interviews or even staff training sessions. So, it’s natural to want to create an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly flexible!

As well as the surroundings, the furniture within the boardroom is also very important. Your choice of furniture can speak volumes about your company. It can even influence the way a meeting progresses! So, when refurbishing your boardroom, where do you begin? We recommend that you start by choosing your board room table.

We can supply and install a board room table to suit any organisation or function. Supplying flexible and innovative boardroom furniture solutions is what we do… Whether you are considering contemporary or traditional, round, or square in glass or wood finish, with or without a cable management system, we are confident that we can supply to your exact requirements. If we can’t find the right standard product, our design team will get to work designing a bespoke option.

We enjoy a challenge, so if you want to seat 6 or 36, as long as you have the space, we are in no doubt that we can deliver…

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