Breaking down barriers…

Posted On: 26/07/2017 | In the Category: Office interior design, office refurbishment, Office space planning

Recent studies reveal that around 80% of UK office workers say that they need to work with others throughout the day to get their work done…

An open plan environment contributes to a collaborative workspace and fosters teamwork.  Although, there’s more to designing an office that encourages communication than knocking down a few walls…

It’s true; some clients are removing their private offices altogether, both to save space and to encourage a discussion. The private offices that do remain are having glass partitions added as a way to provide privacy with a sense of openness.

All of this is of course admirable and an important part of what we get involved in every day, but we think there’s actually a lot more that we need to consider. The interior design of the office and the furniture within it also play an important role in determining how people behave and can have an effect on encouraging teamwork and productivity. Are desks and chairs ergonomically friendly, will staff be able to conduct their business without any discomfort, can they avoid eye strain, bad backs, neck pain and the like?

When embarking on a recent office refurbishment, we worked very closely with the client on the layout of the office and equally as important, the furniture solution; specifying desk shapes, seating and layouts that would not only promote communication between employees who work closely together on a day to day basis, but also improve user comfort in the office space. 

Under floor electrics and floor boxes were installed to ensure the office looked neat and tidy.  Individual workstations were fitted with under desk cable management systems and screen mounted monitor arms, creating clean lines and increasing the amount of usable space on the desk. Comfortable breakout areas were also introduced, which not only given staff somewhere to relax, but have encouraged communication throughout the business. Read the case study in full here

Most people need to be motivated to work better, work smarter and come up with better ideas than those of their competitors. That motivation should begin the moment they come into the office in the morning. They need to feel that their workspace will give them the means by which to excel; the ability to move around freely and the chance to engage with colleagues transform people’s perceptions. If there is little opportunity to mix with others, share ideas and collaborate, they will more than likely begin to switch off.

We believe teamwork will come naturally in the right environment! Having staff looking forward to work with a spring in their step and enjoying the environment they find themselves in when they arrive, is a simple but effective way of getting the best out of your staff and in turn energising the company.

To make sure you get it right, contact us and see how we’ve helped other companies create stimulating workplaces.

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