garden plants, office planting

Bringing the weekend to work

Posted On: 14/07/2015 | In the Category: News, office plants

garden plants, office planting

For once we’re actually getting a bit of summer and we are all able to benefit from the great outdoors. There’s no doubt that whether you’ve gone for a country walk, having a barbecue in the back garden or perhaps enjoying a beer watching the local cricket team, it’s nice to be surrounded by a bit of greenery and fresh air without wondering about then next downpour.

There’s no doubt that a bit of country does wonders for the morale and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Why then, come Monday morning do we drag people into offices filled with dull concrete and grey walls and not learn the lessons of the weekend? People are used to having greenery around them and generally it makes people happier and more efficient.

We really need to understand the importance of plants to the office space, not just to provide welcome relief from the drabness of office walls but also because it can be beneficial to your health!

Research suggests that plants are good for your office space in a variety of ways. They are said to play an important role in providing a pleasant environment in which to work and have even been shown to reduce sickness and absenteeism amongst staff!

Benefits include:
• They filter the air – removing carbon dioxide and some of the harmful toxins given off by modern office equipment
• They give off oxygen, which can improve concentration and overall productivity
• They increase moisture in the air, reducing minor ailments such as tickly coughs
• They have psychological benefits, research has shown we are less stressed in a greener, more natural environment

So if you’re looking for a natural, environmentally friendly way to make your workspace healthier, calmer and more aesthetically pleasing, then introduce plants to your office interior design plans.

Because what makes us happier in our spare time, can only be a benefit whilst we are at work.

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