Desk and cable management supplies, Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, UK

Cable Management Supplies

We believe installing cable management supplies are an essential ingredient to a better looking, more efficient and organised workspace.

Even with the growing trend towards wireless technology, cables are still required to feed power and data to workstations. Installing cable management to your workplace will not only improve the aesthetics, it will also help you to conform to health and safety legislation.

That’s why when we undertake an office relocation or refurbishment project we will assess and recommend the most suitable cable management supplies to suit your needs.

Poorly managed, trailing cables can cause trip hazards and problems with your equipment. Introducing cable management systems can protect the cables from damage; stretching and twisting of cables can affect signal quality and network speed. Well organised cables can also mean that relocating electrical equipment becomes much easier.

There are a range of systems available which can remove cables from sight, free up space and promote a safer working environment for you and your staff. With our knowledge and expertise, we are confident that we can source cable management supplies that fit in perfectly with our office interior designs; from under desk cable trays, CPU holders, cable spines to surround and hide cables under the desk, power blocks with multiple sockets, perimeter trunking, right through to pop-up modules in the furniture, the list is endless…

We recognise that choosing the right system can be daunting; we will work with you, tailoring the solution to suit your business needs and budget.

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