Office screens, Manchester,Cheshire

APS Group

Based in Greater Manchester, APS Group provides responsible solutions to support marketing and communication activities for some of the world’s biggest brands in retail, travel, leisure, financial services and the public sector. APS Group approached Whitespace to look at its current office environment and furniture to see how to make the best use of its office space.  The company looked to Whitespace to make recommendations on developing an environment which was functional, creative and consistent with its corporate image.

We embarked on a thorough consultation period, during which we spoke to members of staff from each department, to gain a full understanding of how they operate and if there were any necessary departmental adjacencies that we needed to take into consideration.  We then undertook a full detailed building audit; this involved measuring the whole building and its contents. An inventory of existing business office furniture was carried out with a view to utilising items in the new office layout. Understanding the organisation in detail we were then able to begin the office space planning and design process and advise on how the building could be best used.

The proposed design scheme involved open plan office space that would encourage interaction between teams, new meeting spaces and innovative storage solutions.

Our proposal was accepted and we began work…

The first step was to reorganise two of the floors, ensuring that departments that needed to sit in close proximity could encourage interaction throughout the workplace.  One one floor we created a breakout area which offers an informal meeting space.  A range of flooring types and soft seating were introduced to this area to define the different business functions.

The job was project managed in its entirety, completing the majority of the works outside normal working hours so that the client remained operational throughout.