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Lancaster Girls Grammar School

Every project has a challenge and this one was no exception… Working in conjunction with the architect and client, we were appointed to space plan, design and furnish the library at Lancaster Girls Grammar School in Lancaster. Our brief was to create a stimulating, contemporary learning environment, whilst maintaining a feeling of quiet study. We embarked on a thorough consultation period with the architect and the client. After interpreting the client’s requirements, we got to work transforming the space…

The challenge was to design the space to house up to 7,000 books, along with study and reception areas. The school originally began the process with approximately 12,000 books, but rationalised the volume to 7,000 before discussions began. To enable us to achieve our objective of housing the vast amount of books and to maximise the space, we designed and installed custom-made bookcases and display cabinets around the perimeter of the room. These were then complimented by freestanding, moveable units for added flexibility.

A centrally located bespoke reception desk was introduced, which not only allows staff to have full view of the surrounding library and study areas; it also complies fully with DDA requirements. To see the plan please click here. LGGs Library

The library is one of the busiest areas of the school and also houses several support functions, including binding, copying and printing. Due to space constraints, providing effective storage solutions to this area was key. By introducing customized tambour units to the office at the rear of the library, we not only provided space to discreetly store consumables, but also enough room to house the equipment.

Making the best use of space we introduced a formal study area to the centre of the library, which includes new seating and work areas and provides comfortable surroundings for pupils to research subjects, choose books or simply sit quietly and read. The inclusion of bespoke wave and curved IT benching to the space allows students to study or use laptops in the hushed environment. To complete the scheme, soft seating incorporating the school colours was introduced.

The library now offers much more than shelves and shelves of books; it presents a flexible learning space that accommodates a number of different features; IT facilities, comfortable zones and study areas.

I’m sure you’ll agree when you take a look at the gallery, this story definitely has a ‘happy ending’.