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You’d be forgiven for assuming that relocating to an industrial cotton mill would mean the space would be old, dilapidated and of poor quality. Step inside our office and you’d soon realise that you couldn’t be more wrong.

When we decided to expand, we not only needed room for additional staff but also to showcase some of our product range, office interior design and space planning ideas. Having searched long and hard for the right venue the last place we thought of looking was an industrial mill.

The mill, built in 1850, ran as a working cotton mill until the demise of the industry and has since been used to house retail outlets, offices and storage units.

But beyond the industrial façade we saw huge potential – a blank canvas, lots of space and more importantly low overheads!

Taking on this space was ambitious to say the least and it utilized virtually all the office fitout services we offer: lighting, heating and ventilation, flooring and furniture; we even created washroom and kitchen facilities making us fully self-contained.

The conversion process took 10 weeks and we were thrilled with the end result.

The space now demonstrates different styles of meeting and breakout areas, wall finishes and office furniture solutions. Completing the look with a splash of ‘Whitespace’ green we now have an environment that truly is an exciting place to work.

We also have the perfect arena to invite potential clients so they can see what we can achieve for them. Although, on arrival at the mill some people are sceptical as to what to expect, but once inside they are amazed at the transformation!

What starts as a journey up stone steps, ends in an environment full of texture and colour. With bespoke glass block walls, funky flooring, seamless glass partitions and vibrant office furniture, we’ve created an environment to excite and inspire staff and visitors alike; demonstrating that good design doesn’t have to break the bank.

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