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Breakout areas, office interiors Manchester

Are you the last to know what the staff think?

Whilst pressure of work and deadlines are often a source of concern for the staff, this may not be the only thing at issue. These days, people are generally aware of the pressure of modern business, speedy turnarounds and never…

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Guest blog – Intelligent Building Works

So, what are the tell-tale signs asbestos may be present?
Firstly, the age of your property is important. If your property was built or renovated between the 1930s and 1950s, asbestos is more likely to have been used. During these years…

Offices above and beyond

Introducing suspended ceilings can tidy up messy or high ceilings, make the space more intimate providing a clean and efficient look. Critics however say that it makes all offices look alike and removes a lot of personality. 
High ceilings can provide…

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Summer heatwave. Who saw that coming?

Which Game of Thrones kingdom is your office?
Are you one of those employers?
In what direction does the sun move in relation to the particular offices? How can this best be ‘defended’ – can certain windows have better quality blinds to…

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How do I reduce clutter in the workplace?

So what can we do?
The first thing to do is to accept that there is a problem and make a concerted effort to do something about it. It may of course not be entirely your fault and you may need…

Why bother to be different?

Potential customers are unlikely to be impressed by such a mundane outward appearance. They are looking for reasons to use your products or services, reasons why you might be better or different from your competitors. You are unlikely to get…

Time for a nap?

Just take a minute to look around your workspace; do you have room to move around freely, do a little deskercise perhaps? A bit of exercise (even a few stretches) are said to increase energy levels and boost our mood!…

show and tell

Let’s play show and tell!

Projection of material brings its own challenges, with the need to control light around the screen. Well thought through lighting schemes and the use of window blinds can again ensure that everyone gets to see what is being presented effectively.


Perhaps soon we’ll all be drinking sea water

Many of the most creative companies actively encourage working cheek to jowl with people of different disciplines to ensure the cross pollination of ideas and to allow the ‘magic’ to happen.
Office design must always reflect the personality of the company…

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It’s not just creme eggs getting smaller.

Of course there is a general trend for things to get smaller and one area we are seeing affected in this way is the humble office desk.
Our office tools have led the change in thinking. Computer monitors have got smaller…