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Electrical works, heating and ventilation, Manchester

Is the light on in the fridge?

But how can we make a difference? From an employer’s perspective, it is important to regularly review energy costs and take action to promote active change. Increasingly lighting schemes can be put in place that use motion sensors to ensure…

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Too cool for school?

We have worked on a wide variety of primary and secondary school developments and have always strived to create work places and social spaces that students will react favourably to and enjoy.
Put them in modern, well equipped classrooms, which embrace…

apple for teacher

Do teachers still get apples?

We recognise that teaching has changed – classrooms are no longer an environment of one talking to many – it is not always teacher at the front and concentration on a blackboard – or whiteboard these days. Increased use of…

sell more toothpaste

How to sell more toothpaste

Whether true or not, it is a good example of the knowledge and wisdom that resides on those that work in a business at the ‘coal face’ and face the same pressures every day.
Which is why we like to talk…

ghent library

Why moving offices isn’t always child’s play.

It will require liaison with removals contractors, telecoms suppliers, IT network suppliers, the moving and reconfiguring of every computer, fit-out people, utility companies – the list is endless.  Above all, it is vital to schedule things in such a way…

Office interior design, manchester

When in Rome……don’t!

On a recent visit to Italy, we were reminded that sometimes sticking with the status quo comes at a price.
Any of you who have had the misfortune to try and purchase drinks or food in some of the larger cafés…

water cooler chat, office space planning, Manchester

Can idle chit-chat drive companies forward?

We’ve all enjoyed a bit of a natter at work from time to time, but I’m sure we’ve all scattered back to our desks as soon as the boss appears for fear of being seen as slacking!
Whilst some of the…

office interior design, manchester

Is your office affecting productivity?

Research shows that the physical workplace has a direct effect on moods as well as productivity! Whether you like it or not, your office space, it’s layout, furniture and décor affects the way your employees work…
The majority of people spend…

Office space planning manchester

Why staff reviews aren’t enough

In an effort to help staff develop and allow companies to assess their employees, we are increasingly in the age of staff reviews. Whether informal chats or with fancy titles like ‘personal development reviews’ they are clearly here to stay.

Office refurbishment

What the Ryder Cup teaches us about office refurbishment projects?

Whether you are a golf fan or not, Ryder Cup fever hit home this week with some scintillating displays of sporting prowess. Sadly for us (for now at least) Europeans, those pesky Americans triumphed, much to the delighted of their…