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Choosing the right office chair/ computer chair

A good ergonomic office chair, computer chair or business chair needs to be correctly adjusted and used properly in order to provide maximum effect in the office environment. Office workers spend many hours sitting in their office chair. Computer operators need to take into account many factors to ensure they do not suffer from one of the many conditions they could be at risk from by using an office chair.

Computer desks can vary in height and with the wealth of computer chairs available in the market place it can be overwhelming to know which to choose. Finding the right chair does not always mean spending a large amount of money. We have access to an extensive range from leading manufactures in office seating. We are confident we can find the right solution for your specific needs at the right price to suit your budget.

Using ergonomic chairs each day can reduce the risk of stress and injury to muscles and joints. This not only protects the user from long term damage but will benefit the employer with a reduction in sick days as a result of work related injuries.

What do you need to take into account to ensure you get the right ergonomic computer chair?

  • The user needs to be considered.
  • The type of work being carried out.
  • The space in which they are working.

Fundamentally a good ergonomic computer chair should be able to be adjusted to the users specifications, (feet should rest comfortably on the floor). A chair that offers lumbar support moulded to the natural curve of the spine is important to offer support. Support the spine – Lower back support is very important. Choose a chair which offers lumbar support, allowing the chair to mould to the natural curve of the spine. The armrests should support the users’ arms, but not restrict posture or prevent the chair from sliding underneath the desk. An ergonomic chair should have the facility to rotate to enable the user to reach different areas in the vicinity of their desk without straining or twisting their back.

According to research nearly 5 million working days a year are lost through back pain – with statistics like this is can be a huge problem for the employer as well as the employee.

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