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Classroom storage

With class sizes increasing and space at a premium the layout of a classroom is becoming ever more important in education establishments. Classrooms are now being used for a wide variety of subjects and the flexibility to accommodate both large group and small group activities and to be able to adjust the room to meet the needs of a particular subject is important. At Whitespace we believe that a learning environment should inspire and stimulate not only the students but the staff as well. Yet, we can see that this would be difficult if children are being taught in overcrowded rooms with poor quality, outdated furniture.

Their physical surroundings can have a remarkable impact on students and the way they learn. There are many advantages to having the right layout and effective classroom storage. Research suggests that a classroom that is organised and uncluttered can be more beneficial to learning than a disorganised room. A well designed space makes it easier for pupils to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. A messy classroom can also make it hard for the teacher to manage the class and monitor the students.

The right education furniture, correctly arranged, can create a learning environment that serves the needs of teachers and students alike. Pupils should be able to move around the room safely and reach the exit in an emergency, there should also be sufficient space for teachers to circulate throughout the room freely and providing enough space can prevent distractions and fidgeting. Therefore good classroom storage is essential!

Although, as well as providing storage space for books, stationary and other teaching equipment, a safe place should also be provided for students to keep their personal belongings, coats and bags. This will help to keep the classroom uncluttered. Under desk storage trays are an excellent way to provide your pupils with personal space to store their belongings, as are lockers. Even with limited space there are classroom storage solutions to suit your needs and if you can’t find the right fit, bespoke options are available.

We understand that not all schools and colleges will have the same storage requirements: needs change based on the space available. Working closely with you we are confident that we can create a learning environment that maximises space and efficiency, advising on the best classroom storage solution to suit you and your budget.

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