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Commercial flooring

Adding new commercial flooring as part of a refurbishment can transform the look and feel of your workplace, so it’s important to choose the right product…

When we select commercial flooring as part of a project, we take into account; the environment in which it will be used, traffic levels, acoustics, aesthetics and of course the budget. In addition to being able to handle foot traffic, your office flooring also has to deal with the weight from desks, chairs and storage cabinets! Although, we don’t just look at the floor in the office space itself, we also consider other areas within the workplace, for example; kitchens, breakout areas and washrooms, all of which require durable, attractive and hygienic commercial flooring. Whatever your requirements there is a floor finish to suit each and every area of your space, from an impressive hard wearing reception area floor covering to a slip resistant, easy clean vinyl finish for your washroom.

A mixture of floor finishes or colours can be used to create feature areas or to highlight walkways within your workplace. Also, by using a combination of soft and hard surfaces you can identify a break out area within an existing space without building walls or installing screens or partitions. Equally, carpet tiles are a cost effective floor covering that give you the freedom to create customised designs that can be colour matched to your corporate logo. We ensure we address each individual environment and provide the most appropriate office flooring for practicality and aesthetics.

For today’s modern working environment there is a wide selection of durable and attractive floor coverings available, we will work with you to ensure you make the right choice!

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