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Computer room design

A new ICT/Computer Room equipped with the latest desktops, laptops, tablets and printers can be a significant investment for any school or college. However, it’s all well and good having the latest equipment, but, if the computer room design has not been well thought out and only half of the students have access to it for example, the space is not being used to it’s full potential…

We have extensive experience working with a variety of education establishments, so, we know just how important it is to have a functional ICT suite/Computer room, design is crucial. We believe that making the best use of the space available is essential to ensuring you have a first rate environment for both teaching and learning.

A good computer room design is essential; research suggests that if students actually like their surroundings, then they are more likely to want to learn. So, at the very least it should be; comfortable, secure, well equipped and spacious. Careful thought should also be given to the choice of furniture, lighting, flooring and ventilation.

The design of the room should allow students and staff to move around the room freely. At the very least, there should be sufficient space for each student to work comfortably, without feeling cramped. Also, the teacher’s workstation should be positioned so that they have clear visibility of the entire room. Provision should also be made for storage; somewhere to keep personal belongings and class work.

Working closely with you and the available space, we are confident that we can deliver a design and furniture solution that will benefit you and your students.

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