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Desk and cable management systems

Desk and cable management in the office

Possessing modern office desk and cable management systems are an essential part of any workplace. No-one wants to walk into an office and see trailing, tangled cables over the floor and desks, that’s why when we get to work designing an office space we would always ensure the desk and cable management system is perfect,

How discreet is your cabling…?


Is there a disaster waiting to happen under your desk…?


Adding a suitable desk and cable management system to your workplace not only improves the aesthetics, it also makes office reorganisation much easier. Unorganised cables can cause hazards; in that people can trip and fall over them, but they can also cause problems for your equipment; if a connection becomes loose you could lose power!

There are a wide variety of systems available, from under desk cable trays, (which hide a multitude of sins), CPU holders to house computer towers, a spine to surround and hide cables under the desk, power blocks with multiple power sockets, enabling all desk equipment to be plugged into one source, floor boxes, perimeter trunking, even pop-up modules in the furniture, the list is endless.

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We understand that choosing the right cable management system or combination of systems can be daunting, but don’t despair, our design team will work with you, tailoring the solution to suit your business needs and budget, ensuring all of the products we propose are fully compliant with current British standards, resulting in the perfect solution that will enhance your office space.

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