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Desk Cable Management

Regardless of the type and size of desk you’re sitting at, there is one thing that you are certain to need – cables to power computers, printers and other electrical devices that you have sitting on or around your desk. Even with the growing trend towards wireless technology, cables are still required to charge equipment! Over time cables can become tangled and disorganised and an office space displaying lots of messy cables is not only unattractive to the eye but could also give a poor impression to staff and visitors! Therefore, when we undertake an office refurbishment, we always recommend the introduction of desk cable management.

Installing Desk Cable Management systems to your workplace will not only improve the aesthetics, they can also make it a safer place to work. Research suggests that over a third of all workplace accidents involve trips and falls, with the majority of trips being caused by obstructions such as trailing cables in walkways!

Although, as well as being a potential trip hazard disorganised cables can also cause problems for your equipment. An effective desk cable management system can protect your cables from damage by holding them together neatly; stretching and twisting of cables can affect signal quality and network speed. Relocating electrical equipment also becomes easier if a cable management system is in place.

Years of experience in providing first class office refurbishments and relocations ensures that all products we propose will fit perfectly with your office design and comply fully with current standards. We appreciate that choosing the right system or combination of systems can be daunting; we work closely with you from the outset, tailoring the solution to suit your business needs and budget.

Ensuring your desk cable management systems are taken care of will help to create a safe and efficient working environment for all.

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