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Desk cable management system

Even if your organisation is making the move towards wireless technology, you’ll be surprised how many cables are still required to supply power and data to almost every workstation. If left unattended the cables can cause your workplace to look messy and unorganised.
One way to combat an untidy and unsafe workplace is to introduce a desk cable management system.

A desk cable management system are now considered an essential part of today’s workplace environment, not only in terms of the overall aesthetics of the space but also, and more importantly, the safety factors. Did you know that approximately one third of all workplace accidents involve slips, trips and falls, and the majority of trips are caused by obstructions (such as trailing cables) in walkways? An effective desk cable management system can also protect your cables from damage by holding them together neatly; stretching and twisting of cables can affect signal quality and network speed. Relocating electrical equipment also becomes easier if a desk cable management system is in place.

There are a range of products available which can remove unsecured cables from sight, free up space on desk tops and promote a safer working environment for you and your staff. Under desk cable trays, (which hide a multitude of sins), CPU holders to house computer towers, a cable spine to surround and hide wires under the desk, monitor arms, power blocks with multiple power sockets (enabling all desk equipment to be plugged into one source), perimeter trunking, even pop-up modules in the furniture, the list is endless…

Although, with so many options to choose from you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed when deciding which system or combination of products to purchase, that’s where we come in. You can rely on us to deliver a solution to suit your business needs and budget.

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