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Do I need a dilapidation survey?

The implications of dilapidations are important when considering relocating or refurbishing your office space. A dilapidation survey is essential as most commercial leases will contain a dilapidations clause. This would entail returning the property to the same condition as it was before you moved in. Anything that you have installed or modified over the term of the lease would need to be removed or ‘made good’ before terminating the contract.

From experience we know that dilapidation claims can be expensive; therefore it’s important that both the tenant and landlord agree to the detail of the dilapidation prior to the lease being signed. This should involve the completion of a dilapidation survey.

A dilapidation survey is there to protect both the tenant and the landlord; it is a detailed report recording the condition of the premises. It highlights what repairs the tenant is liable for during their tenancy and also what condition the landlord expects the property to be in when the tenancy comes to an end.

At Whitespace, as well as providing office refurbishment and relocation services, we also offer a complete dilapidation service, which includes:

  • Removal of partitions, ceilings and flooring
  • Electrical and Data strip out
  • Removal of mezzanine and raised access floors
  • Re-decoration
  • Replacement of lighting
  • Replacement of flooring

Our knowledge and experience in this area ensures that all works are carried out to the correct standard for both the exiting tenant and the landlord, returning the premises back to their original condition in the fastest possible time.

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