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Dilapidations schedule

A dilapidations schedule is a detailed report outlining what the landlord expects the tenant to ‘put right’ before vacating the property.

The implications of the dilapidations schedule are important not only when considering moving offices, but also when refurbishing rented office space. Most commercial leases will include a dilapidations clause that requires the premises to be left in their original condition at the end of the lease period. Therefore, it is common practice for the landlord to issue a dilapidations schedule when the lease is coming to an end.

The tenant may think that by adding structural items such as partition walls or new floor coverings and/or light fittings, are adding value to the property, but the landlord could think differently and may require them to be removed before they’re able to lease the property again.

The same can be said for repairs to the property, if the décor or flooring is damaged in any way, this may need to be replaced to the same standard as when the lease was signed. Likewise with walls that have been removed during the occupancy; these could need to be reinstated.

At Whitespace, as well as providing office refurbishment and relocation services, we also offer a complete dilapidation service, guiding you through the whole process, making sure that you meet the contractual obligations set out in the dilapidations schedule.

We can remove partitions, mezzanine and raised access floors, perform electrical and data strip out, redecorate and replace ceiling tiles, light fittings and flooring. Our expertise in this area ensures that all works are carried out to the correct standard for both the exiting tenant and the landlord, returning the premises back to their original condition in the fastest possible time.

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