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Direct lighting office

Good office lighting is important, more so for people who use computers or machinery for most of their working day. Workplace Health & Safety Regulations state that as an employer you need to provide adequate lighting so that staff can carry out their work properly in some instances this needs to be direct lighting. Office environments with poor lighting can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the worker and lead to problems such as eye strain, headaches and fatigue.

Today’s workplace calls for flexible lighting systems that support the work of the modern office, this includes indirect lighting and direct lighting. Office lighting doesn’t just illuminate the workplace, it can change the way we feel, influence people’s energy levels and performance and enhance our sense of well-being.

At Whitespace we are finding that the trend in office lighting is to design around specific workstations. When we plan a lighting scheme, we believe direct lighting should be introduced to individual workstations or areas within the office. Direct lighting, as well as providing health benefits, can also save businesses a significant amount of money every year in utility bills. Equally by giving individuals control over the lighting it means they can illuminate their workspace how and when they want to.

Likewise for the employer, if your workplace is only being utilized fully for 70% of the day, lighting the whole space is a waste of energy and money. With direct lighting, office areas can be isolated to maximise savings.

We can advise, design and install all your office lighting needs, ensuring it meets all your requirements and complies with Health & Safety Regulations.

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