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Do you fall at the final hurdle?

Posted On: 07/02/2019 | In the Category: Bespoke office furniture, Business office furniture

Winning new business is notoriously hard. You have to compete on price, quality and delivery and probably a whole lot of other measures too… However no matter how ‘sexy’ the final proposal may have looked and how efficient you say you are going to be, it can all fall at the last hurdle when the prospective customer makes a visit to your office!

It’s an unfortunate fact that the office environment says more than words or glossy presentations can ever cover about the state of your company.

Offices that are untidy, have shabby furniture and antiquated storage systems can have your customers running for the door. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

If you’re a company that regularly has visitors to the office, especially those with imminent decisions to make, it’s important that the correct image of the company is portrayed.

Let your workspace do the talking…7981_lo-res.jpg

In our experience, there are lots of ways of making sure the first impressions of your company can be maintained right through to the visit to your premisies, by better use of the available space and good décor, together with appropriate and comfortable office furniture. It can often make the difference between success and failure!

Take a step back from the day to day and look around, imagine you are a potential customer and decide what message your office is sending out – if it’s predominately negative, perhaps it’s time you gave us a call on 03300 415 119…

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