office space planning, manchester

Doing more with less…

Posted On: 06/05/2016 | In the Category: Office space planning, Office storage solutions, Space planning

office space planning, manchester

Managing a rapidly expanding business can be challenging; amongst other things you may soon realize that you need more space for additional staff, furniture and equipment. So the obvious answer is to relocate to bigger premises, right?

Not always… Spending time planning your office space at the outset can pay dividends; we’ve just spent weeks with one client who was sure they needed to relocate to expand. Not so. Through a detailed consultation with management and staff as to how they operate on a day to day basis we were able to re-assess how best to use their existing space!

Storage audits resulting in better storage solutions freed up valuable office space, looking at desk shapes and sizes alongside job function and introducing hot-desking enabled us to fit an additional 20 people into the space! Within the company, meetings were generally small yet they had large meeting rooms, by introducing moving walls no functionality was lost but the size of the rooms are now much better matched to the needs of the business.




Clear the decks!


Knowing what is actually happening in the workplace, how people are working and moving around is essential information for us. That’s why when embarking on any office refurbishment we always start the process by completing a space audit, this allows us to establish the maximum number of people that the room can comfortably accommodate.  Effective space planning is all about achieving the most cost effective solutions to meet your specific requirements.

We have an impressive track record in the design of unique and functional working environments, which incorporate efficient office space planning and exceptional modern office design. But don’t just take our word for it; take a look at our recently completed projects here.

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