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Don’t let your office layout distract you from your job…

Posted On: 31/01/2014 | In the Category: News, Office fitout, office partitioning

Commercial interior design service Birmingham, Stoke, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Midlands

Distractions are common in almost every working environment, especially in open plan offices with a large number of employees. Conversations between colleagues and telephones ringing can cause employees to lose concentration and focus, that’s why we believe workplaces require some form of privacy, whether it’s to hold a meeting, concentrate on a particular task or make a private phone call.  The introduction of office partitioning to divide the space, could help minimise distractions and improve productivity.  We’re not saying that each employee should have their own private office, that would be impractical in most office environments, what we are saying is for a more practicable solution, introduce just a few individual office and/or meeting rooms.

Office partitioning can be erected in almost any office space to produce the type of layout to suit clients needs.  Available in a variety of materials, heights, thicknesses and finishes to suit all requirements, office partitioning offers the flexibility to generate new rooms in workplaces without the need to modify the existing structure, or build solid walls.  But, with a vast range of office partitioning on the market, we appreciate that choosing the right one may seem a little daunting for the inexperienced. Make your decision easier by employing the services of an experienced office fitout company.  Call us now on 03300 415 119 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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