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Ergonomic chair office furniture

In today’s busy working environment we all know what it’s like to spend hours on end glued to our computer, but did you know that by doing so you could be seriously damaging your health? Do you have an ergonomic chair? Office chairs which are badly designed together with poorly thought out workspaces are major causes of work related conditions. Poor posture, headaches, eyestrain, repetitive strain injuries, neck and back pain can all occur as a result of not having the correct ergonomic chair. Office furniture which does not contribute to an ideal working environment can result in low morale, lower productivity and in turn absenteeism. Experts warn that the risk of injury is increased with poor ergonomic conditions. Ergonomics is the study of the way people use their bodies at work, the environment they work in and the tools they use to do their jobs. In short, implementing an ergonomic working environment aims to reduce workplace injuries.
Studies show that back pain is one of the most common complaints for absenteeism in the workplace; it’s not surprising with the majority of office workers sitting for up to eight hours a day. Unsuitable seating and desking can cause people to adapt awkward postures which can lead to discomfort and back pain. Investing in ergonomic furniture can make all the difference!

Therefore, we believe that it is essential you have an ergonomic chair, office desk and other accessories that provide comfort and support exactly where you and your staff need it. Ergonomic office furniture, adjusted and used correctly can maximise the benefits in the health and wellbeing of you and your staff.

Although, it should be noted that what works for one member of staff might not work for another! So it’s important before rushing out and buying new furniture, you consider the needs of individual employees, the type of work being carried out and the space in which they work.

We are able to source products that are designed to compliment any office environment; ergonomic office furniture that will bring comfort and flexibility to your workspace.
More and more businesses are starting to realise the benefits of providing their employees with an ergonomic working environment. Our aim is to provide clients with practical and affordable ergonomic workplace solutions.

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