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Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomics in the workplace aren’t just about providing a comfy chair; it’s the process of identifying and adjusting either the layout and/or furniture in the workplace so that you and your staff are comfortable and minimise the risk of injury. Correct chair height, sufficient space, the right equipment and good posture can help you stay comfortable.

Injuries and illnesses are common in the majority of workplaces and can cost you and your employee time and money; they can also affect how well staff can do their job.

Most common office related injuries are caused by trips and falls, repetitive movements and the way you sit or stand.

Introducing ergonomics in the workplace can help you and your staff be more comfortable at work. It can help to lower stress and injuries caused by adopting awkward postures and carry out repetitive tasks. It focuses on how things are arranged in your office, for example:

  • How workstations are organised
  • How people sit (or stand)
  • The kind of movements that are made and whether they are repeated over and over throughout the working day
  • The wider workspace, including lighting, temperature and noise
  • The equipment used to do the job and if it is ‘fit for purpose’

More and more businesses are starting to appreciate the benefits of introducing ergonomics in the workplace and if it results in less absenteeism and you have a happy workforce, what have you got to lose?

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