Office furniture Manchester

Why factories need decent office space.

Posted On: 25/07/2017 | In the Category: Business office furniture, mezzanine floor

Office furniture Manchester

When we think of factories, we tend to think of large open spaces, noisy, dirty and definitely a place for greasy overalls and safety boots.

But whilst the wheels of industry turn manufacturing goods, there still needs to be room for the office administrative staff to function properly. Unfortunately this has a habit of being an office partitioned out of the corner of a factory space, exposed at least to some degree, to the noise and grime of the factory floor. This may be OK if there is a requirement to be close to the action, but it’s not always conducive to work efficiency if this is not required.

In reality with careful planning there is no reason why office space within factories cannot be to a similar standard to those elsewhere. Careful planning to segregate office space from the larger manufacturing areas, with suitable noise proofing, can make a huge difference to your staff’s working lives. Whether this is on a ground floor or indeed through the popular use of mezzanine floor areas to move staff away from the machines, you can then develop traditional office space for working and for meetings in real comfort.

Indeed when customers come calling they can be looked after in purpose built meeting rooms and view the factory as appropriate later. A more professional and comfortable approach than having a shouting match on a noisy factory floor.

So if you’d like to improve the office environment in your factory why not give us a call on 03300 415 119. We’d be delighted to help you improve the work environment for staff and guests alike.

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