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Front desk design

Your reception area is one of the most important elements of your workplace. Not only is it is generally the first and last point of contact for visitors to your company, it usually has to play a functional role as well. A key piece of furniture for this area is the front desk. Design not only has to include the necessary features to fulfill its role but the front desk needs to be aesthetically pleasing also. This will help to provide a waiting area that will project your company values, ensure your visitors and staff are as comfortable as possible and supply that all important ‘wow’ factor…

The front desk design is key as it can be the main focal point of the room, it should contribute to the welcoming feel of the area and portray a professional image. When choosing your front desk design there are certain elements you must take into consideration:

  • The size and shape of the space – There are some great ‘off-the-shelf’ front desk design solutions available in the market place, however, if you have space restrictions you may need something a little more bespoke. This option allows you to specify the style, size and finish to suit the space.
  • Position – The desk should be easily accessible and positioned so that the receptionist has a clear view of all visitors.
  • How many staff will occupy it at any one time? – The number of receptionists will affect the size of your desk; you don’t want you staff to look and feel cramped and uncomfortable.
  • What equipment will reside on the desk? – Do you want computers to be visible to visitors?
  • Do you require storage? – If yes, what type? There are a wide variety of storage systems to choose from, your choice should compliment the reception desk.
  • DDA compliance – A combination of high and low level counters will help to ensure you are DDA compliant.

With the right space planning, front desk design, seating and decor you could maximise your reception areas’ potential and project a professional image that could be vital to the success of your company.

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