Because their future begins in school…

Posted On: 22/06/2017 | In the Category: Classroom designs, classroom furniture, School refurbishment

Over the years the way children learn has changed dramatically, originally, traditional teaching was conducted in large classrooms – all students sitting in rows of desks facing the blackboard with the teacher at the front of the room.

With advances in technology, blackboards have been replaced by electronic smart boards and some text books replaced with computers. This enhanced ability to collaborate has also created the opportunity for students to work together often in smaller teams and on individual projects.

Whilst this has not done away with the large class entirely, we are finding that there is increasingly a requirement for the more ‘flexible’ classroom. These days not only does it have to accommodate a full class size, but it also needs to allow for small group working, plus the ability for individual work, often with access to specific technologies.

The sharing of information on tablets and laptops means that pupils don’t have to be focussed forward, instead, groups of desks and soft seating areas are becoming more popular together with informal opportunities to share work outside the classroom environment, in social spaces and/or libraries for example. This makes the whole learning space so much more flexible and helps to ensure every type of teaching or extra-curricular activity can be housed appropriately.

What we’ve learnt at school…

We believe flexibility is key for the future of our education establishments. Not only  does the interior design need to reflect modern learning, it can also be used by schools and colleges to differentiate themselves in what is becoming a highly competitive market. Students and parents are much more demanding today in terms of what they expect and for this reason the environment that is created is vital; it encourages them to join the school in the first place, it keeps them engaged and it encourages them to learn!

So, what are you waiting for? Call us on 03300 415 119 because their future begins at school…

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