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Glass manifestation

Glass partitioning plays a major role in today’s modern office environment. If you are considering installing full height glass partitions, Health & Safety and Building Regulations dictate that you must ensure it is marked in some way to make it visible to the occupants of the space. Applying glass manifestation is one of the easiest ways to ensure you conform to the latest legislations.

Not only does glass manifestation provide you with a quick and cost effective way to comply with legal requirements, it is also a very useful tool for promoting the company brand within your workplace. Brand awareness is so important these days and many of our clients have taken advantage of large glass areas in their workplace to reinforce their company ethos. Although you don’t have to display your logo! If there is an opportunity to include glass manifestation into your office space, why not do something creative? Research has shown that when colours and/or graphics are introduced to a space they go a long way to creating a better, more productive workplace. As an added benefit, manifestation can also help to improve privacy. Whatever way it is used, be it cosmetic or practical, glass manifestation can make a great impression on staff and visitors.

Statistics show there are over 50,000 hospital treated accidents and 10 fatalities per year in the UK involving fixed glass. Approximately 60% of these accidents involve glass in doors!

Don’t become a part of this statistic; see how we can transform your working environment with the help of manifestation. Contact Whitespace today.

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