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Glass partition

If you want to enhance the interior of your workplace, the installation of glass partition walls is the perfect solution. They can help promote a feeling of space, whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. We believe that using glass partitions in your office is a way to make the most of the space available, as well as giving extra privacy within an open plan environment. Choosing glass partition walls for your workplace, rather than solid room dividers will give a modern appearance and also make the most of the natural light in your office building.

Glass partition walls offer a practical solution for the modern office. They enable light to flood into all areas of your working environment which can help to keep energy costs down! With a choice of single glazed, double glazed or a frameless system; we can design a system that delivers a unique office space to suit each client’s requirements.

For added privacy, integrated blinds can be added to double glazed units, so that with a simple pull or twist of the chord the office can be either public or private. Alternatively switchable glass technology can be incorporated; changing from clear to opaque at the touch of a button.

To comply with Building and Health & Safety Regulations, fully glazed panels should have manifestation applied to them. This can be in the form of a straightforward pattern to simply indicate the presence of the glass, or a more intricate design to promote company logos or advertising slogans, the list is endless…

We’ve installed glass partitions in offices throughout the UK, creating light and airy spaces. Take a look at our case studies and see what can be achieved…

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