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Glass room dividers

Here at Whitespace we have gained extensive experience in the office refurbishment and office fit out arena. Glass room dividers are a common part of many of our design schemes as they offer a host of useful properties.

Glass room dividers have many advantages in the workplace.


There has been increasing demand for the facility to separate large areas into smaller individual sections for privacy. We have found that using glass room dividers has proved too invaluable. Blinds or glass manifestation can be added for extra privacy.

Acoustic properties

Separating a portion of space using a glass divider is the perfect solution for insuring sound insulation. Either protecting the office from the activity within the area or vice versa, glass room dividers are well known for their excellent acoustic properties.

Maximising natural light

Glass room dividers take on various forms to suit your style and needs glass office partitions are available as a simple single glazed modular partition, double glazed or as a sexy frameless glass system if visual impact is key. Whichever form you choose Glass office partitions create spacious offices that maximise natural light, often meaning lower energy bills due to not having to rely on artificial light.

Advertising or design opportunities.

Applying manifestation (frosted film or similar) to glass means that not only will you comply with health and safety legislation, (whereby large areas of glass need to be marked in some way to avoid collision), but it also offers the opportunity for stylish and high impact promotional and corporate messages. We can work with you to make the most of this opportunity for advertising or branding by working with you on a bespoke design whether it is an abstract pattern or a company logo.

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