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Posted On: 04/07/2014 | In the Category: News, Reception area furniture, Reception design, Reception desk, Reception seating

It’s a fact, whether in our personal or business lives, we all form opinions based on first impressions.  Having spent what feels like a lifetime sitting in reception areas for one reason or another, we know that an essential part of creating a great first impression is the furniture you choose to occupy the space.

A key piece of said furniture is the reception desk!  It’s the main focal point of the room, therefore it’s positioning is important.  It should be easily accessible and positioned so that the receptionist has a clear view of all visitors.  The overall height should provide privacy for staff, but at the same time remain welcoming.

Although, as well as having a great looking, functional desk, it’s important that your staff and visitors are comfortable. So providing the right seating is a must!  Generally, this area can experience high volumes of traffic; so, it’s also essential to opt for durable material that won’t wear or show dirt easily.

Quite often we come across reception areas that are of an unusual shape, if this is the case, rather than squeeze standard items into this area, you may want to think about bespoke reception furniture.

Now, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of redesigning  your reception area, but with the right knowledge and guidance from the experts it can be easier than you think…  And, you don’t have to have a huge budget to achieve great results, with efficient space planning and clever use of furniture, colour and finishes you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved.

From a single reception desk to a complete refurbishment, you can rely on Whitespace to deliver an exceptional reception design. 

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