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How do you choose the best desk for your workspace?

Posted On: 08/12/2015 | In the Category: Bespoke office furniture, Office desk, Office desks, Office furniture, Office furniture supplier

If you want to create the ideal workspace, you’re going to need office desks. However, your choice of desks will not only affect the office aesthetics, it can also affect the behaviour and productivity of your staff.

So, how do you choose? Well, there’s nothing simple about choosing the right desk they come in all shapes and sizes, materials and finishes, together with many different leg frame options. Selecting the right one will depend on certain criteria.

For me, it’s all about administration and research, so having enough room for paperwork, files and other research material and of course my trusted computer is important to me.

My design colleagues on the other hand need room to lay out plans and to hold briefing meetings without encroaching on their immediate desk space, therefore an additional meeting section at the end of their workstation is essential for them.

But before you make any decision about you desk type, you must first establish your space limitations.  How much floor space do you have available and how many employees need to fit in the space?  As well as room to accommodate everyone, staff will need room to move around freely without the risk of tripping or bumping into furniture.


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How many people can you fit in a space?


It’s then time to consider the type of work undertaken so that you can determine the type of desk required; will it be more of a computer workstation than a paperwork space?

Once the desk size has been determined, think about the style of desk you require.  This will depend on the interior design of your office; should you go contemporary or traditional, is it for a call centre or executive office? Will staff share desk space? If so, office screens may be required for privacy.

Introducing a cable management system to your workstation should also be considered. After all no-one wants to walk into an office to see trailing cables over the floor and desktop.

Let’s not forget the storage!  An effective storage solution is key to an organised workspace.  Under desk storage is an option which will enable you to keep your desktop free from clutter.  Pedestals or drawer units can be free standing, mobile or fixed to the desk.

No matter how big or how small your office or what type of interior design you are looking to achieve, you can easily realise your vision with our help. We are able to offer a variety of desking options; from bench systems, standard rectangular and wave desks through to flexible flip top tables and bespoke arrangements.

We are more than happy to share with you our knowledge and experience in this field ensuring you end up with office furniture to suit your exact requirements.  Remember staff are far more likely to be productive while sitting at a comfortable, ergonomic workstation.

If you want to find out more about which office desk is better suited for your working environment contact us today on 01204 599800.

The right desk can make the difference between a busy productive day or a stressed, disorganised one! I know which one I’d rather have…

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