How flexible is your school furniture?

Posted On: 12/01/2016 | In the Category: School design, School furniture, School refurbishment

Education establishments are having to adapt quickly to changes in demographics to ensure they have the right accommodation going forward, with schools and colleges across the country starting to make plans so that all aspects of the school infrastructure are appropriate. Once the foundations are in place, classroom furniture needs to be addressed. How flexible is your school furniture?

At Whitespace we have extensive experience of space planning and furnishing schools where more radical solutions are required. But even where changes are more modest we believe we deliver stimulating learning environments with products that have been selected for their suitability and durability. Primary or secondary school, high school or 6th form, we can deliver a wide selection of classroom furniture solutions for every curricular area.

Whether you are updating your whole school or furnishing a single classroom, we have the resources to create exciting teaching spaces to suit all budgets. We also understand that modern teaching environments place heavy demands on furniture and fittings, so we ensure that we only supply durable, quality products.

Sometimes buying ‘off the shelf’, without seeking expert help and looking at all the differing needs of pupils and staff alike can be a mistake. There are a number of things to consider such as; how old the students are; one size does not fit all! The style of teaching to be done in the classroom; furniture for a laboratory would be completely different to that required in an ICT suite! Desks and chairs will be used by hundreds of students over many years; therefore it’s important that the furniture you choose is hard wearing but at the same time comfortable. Are staff getting suitable furniture, comfortable seating and desks and lecterns appropriate for their needs?

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Improving the learning environment has a positive effect…..




Storage is also an area than can be neglected; every school needs adequate provision for students and staff to keep personal belongings and class work.

It’s also important to take into consideration students (and staff) with disabilities. If wheelchair access is required the room layout and furniture will need to accommodate this.

Investing in the right classroom furniture that meets the needs of the students, teachers and the school can provide real benefits. We pride ourselves on offering great value products backed up by our reliable and flexible design service. Take a look at our education case studies or contact us for details on how we can help you to find the best educational furniture for your school – not just now but for years into the future.

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