ICT Suites, North Wales, Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham, Flint

ICT Suites, North Wales

New or refurbished ICT Suites can be substantial investments for any school or college. Whether the refurbishment of an existing classroom or a new build, the layout and furniture are just as important as the equipment it holds. There is evidence to suggest if children like and are happy to be in their learning environment, they are more likely to want to learn!

We have many years of experience working closely with schools and colleges across North Wales including Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham and Flint, creating ICT Suites which provide ideal learning and teaching environments.

Planning – The design of any classroom regardless of its uses should start with evaluation of the space.

  • How do teachers plan to use the room?
  • Is it dedicated for IT?
  • Does it need to be a flexible space? It may be more beneficial to the school to have a flexible space that can be used for a variety of teaching styles and subjects.?

Design – Great design not only maximizes the efficiency of the space available, it creates better learning and teaching opportunities for students and teachers.

  • Layout – How many students need to be accommodated?
  • Classroom furniture – bespoke or standard, desk height, seating, monitor and keyboard positioning
  • Equipment – As technology evolves, the learning environment in which it is situated must be able do the same.
  • Storage – should be practical and uncluttered,
  • Lighting –specific consideration should be given to the need to control glare

Delivery – we can take care of the whole project from floor to ceiling and everything in between

  • We provide a detailed programme of works detailing all activities to be carried out
  • We offer one point of contact throughout – saving time and money
  • We provide peace of mind – ensuring the refurbishment goes according to plan, confident all the suppliers and contractors we use are highly experienced, competent and reliable.

We know we can deliver an engaging environment that makes the best use of the space available, transforming your learning environment into an innovative, inspirational and positive place to learn.

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