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Is a declutter on your New Year’s resolution list?

Posted On: 14/01/2016 | In the Category: Office storage, Office storage solutions

It’s said that disorganised people spend on average 30 minutes a day looking for stuff.  Trying to function properly if you’re forever trying to find things is almost impossible. The average office worker uses up to 10,000 pieces of paper per year! Is this you? Are there coats and bags hanging from chairs or strewn under desks?  Not only is this unsightly it can also be a trip hazard!

Keeping your workspace tidy can be a vicious circle.  It slowly gathers clutter in various forms up until the point when enough is enough and you have to take time out of your daily routine to sort it.  For many of us, this takes place at the start of a new year… However, as with most New Year resolutions following them through is not easy, but that’s where we come in

Whether your desk is too distracting from all the clutter, workspace full of paperwork or a health and safety nightmare now is the time to make some changes…

So, how do you decide what your office storage requirements are?  We would recommend undertaking a storage audit.  This entails establishing exactly what you are storing and how you are currently storing it. The result from the audit could reveal that you need a variety of office storage solutions.  It could even highlight that some items/documents could be archived and stored in an offsite location, freeing up valuable space… Having efficient office storage solutions also means that retrieving paperwork becomes a much easier task, saving you time and money.

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Where do you start? Right here…


Providing effective storage is the key to a productive workspace

By undertaking a storage overhaul, you could even reduce the amount of storage units currently in use or replace cumbersome filing cabinets that are bursting at the seams with space saving tambour units or a stylish storewall.

Although, not all businesses will have the same requirements: needs change based on the activities of the organisation and the space available.  Some companies will require a large amount of storage for printed documentation while others may simply require storage for items of stationary and personal belongings.

Whether it’s part of an office refurbishment or a standalone storage audit, as office design and space planning experts we are able to offer advice and supply solutions that match your exact requirements.  With so many different styles available, there’s bound to be something that suits your needs.

An organised space could even boost productivity and that can only be a good thing…  Call us now on 03300 415 119 to see how we can help.

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