exam time

Is your school prepared?

Posted On: 23/05/2017 | In the Category: School fit out, School furniture, School interiors, School refurbishment

exam time

It’s that time of year again which pupils dread – the exams. For those facing the pressure of GCSEs or A-levels, this will mean many hours scribbling in examination halls up and down the country.

Whilst rightly most of the preparation centres on the pupils, their revision timetables, their last minute cramming and their general state of mind, spare a thought for those organising the exams in the schools – teachers, invigilators and caretakers.

The increasingly varied curriculum has led to a vast number of exams that have to be catered for with differing numbers of students involved and often requires school halls and classrooms to be converted to temporary examination centres.

Into the mix these days, one has to factor children who may require variations on time and location due to special needs, timetable clashes and injuries or illness and flexibility of venues and staffing can be pushed to the limit.

This is just one example where the modern school must have the capability to offer a range of classrooms and communal accommodation which can be transformed quickly to mirror the teaching requirements at short knowledge.

A place to study, discover and explore…

Do teachers still get apples?

Classroom size can make a big difference to the ambience of a lesson – small areas for smaller classes rather than blocking larger classrooms is not only more efficient  but will lead to more effective teaching. Having the facility to partition rooms and create different spaces and have school furniture that can be moved easily is often the key to get the most out of the available space.

Larger areas can double up as meeting rooms, examination halls and indoor sports areas provided they are planned accordingly and have the ability to have furniture and equipment easily added or subtracted on a regular basis.

At Whitespace we have considerable experience in school design with a wide range of case studies to share with you. Our experience can identify the scope to ensure your school is re-designed in such a way that it can handle everything that is thrown at it whatever the time of year.

So why not put us to the test. Contact us today.

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