school washrooms

Keeping everything crossed?

Posted On: 17/03/2016 | In the Category: School design, School interiors, School refurbishment, school washrooms

school washrooms

Using the school washroom at whatever age can be daunting and can have a much bigger effect on the performance of your students than you may think…

Studies have revealed that having poor washroom facilities in a school can lead to a wide range of issues. Because they are often hidden from view, they can often be a haven for vandalism and bullying.

Although for some children the simple fact of the loos being in a poor condition and/or smelly can lead to them avoiding a trip to the toilet at all costs. Some research has revealed that some will even forgo a visit until they get home! Not only does this affect their concentration leading them to be distracted in the classroom, it can also lead to a number of health issues.

We appreciate that ensuring that the facilities provided are inviting to use and private enough to avoid any embarrassment, can be a challenge for the inexperienced. At the very least, it’s important that school children feel comfortable with school toilets at their disposal and that they are hygienic and adequately maintained.

So that’s where we come in… However big or small your requirements, we have the knowledge and experience to help. Flooring, tiling, cubicles, ceilings, lighting, ventilation, sanitary ware and plumbing, we’ve got everything covered. From the outset we will work closely with you to ensure the end result is delivered on time, within budget and above all, suits your needs, whilst at the same time complying with all Building Health & Safety regulations.


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We listen to your needs to offer a tailored solution. Our goal is to create spaces in which students feel comfortable and safe.

So whether you want to improve your current washrooms or undertake a complete school refurbishment, we are confident that we can deliver. Call us on 03300 415 119 for more information.

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