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Posted On: 11/02/2011 | In the Category: Design, ergonomic office chairs, General, Office interior design, office refurbishment, Office space planning, Office storage solutions, Storage

We spend a large amount of our time at work, so why not make your office an enjoyable place to be, not only for you and your employees but for visitors too?

We’ve put together a few helpful ideas to help you fall in l♥ve with your workspace…

  • Utilise space effectively, ensure departments and people that need to be near each other are and that employees have enough room to work comfortably.
  • Office furniture should be suitable for the task; a dining chair wouldn’t look right in a reception area!  Office furniture can often portray an image of your company; it should be in good repair, comfortable and fit for purpose, so its best to choose wisely.  Operator chairs should be adjustable so that employees can find their most comfortable working position.  Worn and tatty furniture in your reception area won’t impress visiting clients.
  • Where possible introduce natural daylight to your workspace.  Having suitable office lighting will not only enhance your workplace it will also have a significant effect on how your employees feel and can have an impact on how they perform.
  • Add colour to your workspace, it is often a low cost but most noticeable way to change the feel of a room.  But be careful when choosing colours, having a funky colour scheme might look good in a creative environment, but could the same be said if it’s used in a solicitor’s office?
  • Have adequate storage, this will ensure that the office looks tidy, and give the impression that the company is organised and efficient.
  • Create a breakout area, a place incorporating soft seating where employees can relax and recharge their batteries when having their lunch or taking a break from their desk.
  • Introduce live plants, plants have psychological benefits.  Research shows we are less stressed in a greener, more natural environment.

For more information on how office space planning, design and office refurbishment can make you love your workspace contact our sales office.

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