Breakout areas, office interiors Manchester

Are you the last to know what the staff think?

Posted On: 18/07/2017 | In the Category: News, office breakout areas, Office washrooms

Breakout areas, office interiors Manchester

“I never realised they were all so unhappy” is not the sort of phrase you would want to be uttering when you are in charge of the work force and the conditions in which they work.

In the heat of battle, when getting orders out of the door or securing some new contracts are deemed to be the most important things on the agenda and you are pushing the staff hard to deliver, it can be difficult to stand back and look at the bigger picture.

Whilst pressure of work and deadlines are often a source of concern for the staff, this may not be the only thing at issue. These days, people are generally aware of the pressure of modern business, speedy turnarounds and never ending deadlines. They may well be prepared to accept that as a part of the working week provided they are looked after in other ways.

Comfortable working conditions are a must

You can’t afford however to overlook the basic requirements of any staff member to allow them to do their jobs proficiently and comfortably. This should, as a bare minimum, mean offering them an appropriate chair and desk to sit at, sufficient levels of storage and space in a warm and comfortable environment.

But of course it is more than that, are there sufficient breakout areas for staff to work and relax in, are the kitchen facilities up to scratch, are the washrooms at a standard that staff are happy with?
How do you know? Asking the staff how they feel about their environment is the obvious solution and yet many people would rather stick their head in the sand for fear the staff will unearth some unpleasant truths.

The real truth however is that unhappy staff are not as productive as happy ones, they are less likely to promote you and your company and they are much more likely to leave rather than get around to complaining.

So look around in the cold light of day – is your office really what you would want for your staff? Talk to the staff – what do they like about the office – what do they hate, what do they think is missing – and then talk to us and transform your work place for the good of the staff.

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