When was the last time you took a lunch break?

Posted On: 12/07/2017 | In the Category: Office interior design, office refurbishment

By that, we mean actually getting away from your desk and eating lunch? Can’t remember? According to research you’re not alone, it’s reported that a staggering 1 in 10 UK workers never take a lunch break! And of those that do, around a fifth only take 20 minutes or less… However, just because you’re sat in front of the computer doesn’t mean you’re being productive! Long hours sat in front of your computer can not only affect your productivity it can also affect your physical health too…

Are you blessed with a comfortable, clean space to prepare and eat lunch, or do you find yourself eating a boring sandwich or last night’s leftovers at your desk? Often it’s tight deadlines and other pressures that keep us chained to our desk, but our studies have revealed that more often than not how or where you eat your lunch depends a lot on the dining facilities you have available and of course their condition.

Increasingly more and more employers are seeing the benefits, not only of creating a separate kitchen area within the workspace, but also of providing a space where staff can go to relax and eat their lunch or simply grab a coffee away from the pressures of the office.

Which is exactly what we did for Citypress. Relocating to a prestigious six storey Grade II listed building on Deansgate in the heart of Manchester, our brief was to produce an inspiring, creative office interior that would motivate and encourage staff and clients alike.

Not only did we design and install a fully functional modern kitchen facility with picnic bench style seating and a breakout area for staff to prepare and eat their lunch in comfort, we also introduced a tea point to the main office area, meaning that staff would not have far to walk carrying hot drinks.

The bold corporate colour scheme, teamed with natural finishes and contemporary furnishings, ensured the final scheme provided an inspirational environment and the perfect platform for the next stage of growth for this prestigious company. Read the case study in full here

To encourage staff to take a break your office kitchen/dining facilities should be practical and functional; they should provide employees with a space to actually enjoy time away from their desks. Creating a well-equipped, relaxed atmosphere can also improve morale and productivity as well as preventing food and the smells and mess that can go with it going back into the workplace.

Call us on 03300 415 119 to see how we can help you take a well deserved lunch break….

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