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show and tell

I am sure you’ve noticed that fewer people than ever are turning up to meetings with paper in their hands. These days, laptops, tablets and phones seem to be the order of the day, not just for providing background information, but also for taking notes as proceedings continue.

As more and more of our information becomes digitised, it also needs to be shared effectively – attendees want to jump up and do a quick presentation of the key figures from their laptop, someone needs to show some web pages from their tablet or perhaps run a video.

Of course this is all very much part and parcel of daily working life now, but how often is it scuppered by inappropriate facilities. As they say, technology is great when it works but often this seems to require endless cables and power access and compatibility which rather ruin the moment.

That’s why meeting rooms and areas used for impromptu get togethers need to be planned with technology in mind. We need to make sure that there are sufficient power outlets to allow the ubiquitous need for appliance charging.

Projectors with easy links to a range of devices and suitable plug and play leads means that moving between media can be done quickly and without recourse to diving under tables, together with looks of bewilderment and embarrassment when nothing seems to work.

Projection of material brings its own challenges, with the need to control light around the screen. Well thought through lighting schemes and the use of window blinds can again ensure that everyone gets to see what is being presented effectively.

Good sound is also vital. Often we have been subjected to a video that whilst may look great is being played through the speaker on an i-pad and is therefore indistinguishable especially to larger audiences and rooms. Bluetooth connected speakers can solve this issue instantly and provide a much better experience – these can even be linked to speaker mics again for bigger presentations.

At Whitespace, we recognise that the modern business needs meeting rooms not only to provide private space for discussion but also as a share of information through sound and vision – providing the support mechanism to make this a pleasurable experience are central to the design, to say nothing of appropriate furniture and layout.

Why not talk to us about your meeting room requirements – we’ll be happy to show and tell how we can help.

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