Looking for cheap office space, Bolton, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool, Leeds, UK

Looking for cheap office space?

Transform cheap office space!

Office space can be the biggest cost for many organisations; the most obvious way of reducing your outlay is to move to less expensive premises and rent or buy cheap office space.

“Not as easy as you think”, I hear you say…

Many people go about it the wrong way. When looking for cheap office space to economise we suggest you look beyond the exterior!! Don’t automatically think because the outside looks a little shabby that the inside won’t have potential!!

Cheap office space should not be associated with a run down unpleasant place to work in. When we decided we needed to expand and also showcase our product range and design ideas, the last place we thought of looking was an industrial mill building. But once inside we saw huge potential – a blank canvas, large floor area and more importantly low overheads!

On arrival at the mill most clients and suppliers are sceptical as to what to expect, but once inside our office they are all amazed at the transformation of the space. What starts as a journey up stone steps and along concrete corridors ends in an environment full of texture and colour. With glass block walls, seamless glass partitions, funky flooring and vibrant furniture; we’ve created an environment to excite and inspire, demonstrating that good design doesn’t have to cost the earth.

There are many benefits to locating your business into older buildings, typically they are spacious and well lit and can be adapted and tailored to suit individual business requirements. We occupy 235m² of Nortex Mill, at a fraction of the cost of equivalent town centre premises. The mill, which was built in 1850, ran as a working cotton mill until the demise of the industry and now offers office space at very competitive prices to suit a variety of uses.

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