LRCs North Wales, Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham, Flint

LRCs North Wales, Queensferry, Colwyn, Wrexham, Flint

Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) provide an area for students in schools and colleges to access information in a variety of different ways – tablets, laptops, and smartphones are popular as well as the more traditional desktop computers, books and magazines.

The design, layout and type of furniture which is included in a LRC is fundamental to its success. There needs to be areas where information can be accessed both traditionally and by more modern means, as well as areas where students can relax and learn.

Maximising these multi-functional spaces

Therefore, we believe a successful Learning Resource Centre should consist of different zones –spaces for social interaction and the opportunity to work in teams or groups and quiet areas for individual work.

So, in order to create these multi-functional spaces, we take time to understand the different ways students interact both in study and socially.

The furniture may need to be a combination of standard and/or bespoke furniture whichever is required to support the different styles of working. Students should also have access to a variety of IT facilities both plug in and WI-FI and there should be sufficient storage to hold a variety of media.

Offering a one stop shop

We offer a full refurbishment service taking care of the whole project from start to finish. From the full building survey, space planning and the interior design to the complete fit out including lighting, air conditioning, partitions, decoration, flooring, and signage.

Our nationwide coverage provides a comprehensive service with one point of contact throughout saving time and money.

Whether your pupils are working as whole classes, small groups or alone, we are confident we can create engaging Learning Resource Centres (LRCs) which inspire.

Visit our case studies page to see examples of the growing number of schools and colleges across the UK who have benefitted from our services.

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