meeting rooms

Meeting rooms

Much like your reception area, your boardroom and meeting spaces are key areas of the business. Therefore, whether you are hosting a client meeting or staff briefing, the right meeting room furniture is essential.

Meeting rooms need to cater for different functions at different times therefore the furniture needs to be durable, comfortable and capable of being moved around with ease.

We can design the right size and shape of tables and associated meeting room furniture to suit the space and seating arrangements.

Although, we appreciate that choosing the right products can be a little daunting to the inexperienced, there are literally hundreds of standard options, not to mention bespoke furniture, but that’s where we come in…

With over 20 years experience in office refurbishments, we have built up strong relationships with a variety of furniture manufacturers and suppliers, giving us access to all the leading brands. Working with rich wood veneers and glass right through to colourful wood laminates and metal, we are able to source an extensive variety of styles and finishes to suit any budget and if we can’t find the right product off the shelf, we are experienced in designing bespoke options.

From boardroom tables to meeting chairs and storage units, we can advise, supply and install it all.

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