Mellow yellow or feeling blue? What’s the colour of your workplace saying?

Posted On: 30/07/2014 | In the Category: News

It’s not just the temperature that affects our mood; experts believe the use of colour whether in the home or workplace can also affect the way we feel, behave and even how people perceive a company!  That’s why colour should be a key factor in the overall interior design when planning an office refurbishment.

Warm hues, like reds and oranges are said to bring energy into a room, cool tones, for example; blues provide a sense of calm and greens are said to give a relaxing feel to a space.

The use of  colour can also have an impact on the the perception of space; certain colours can seem to change the size of a room. Research suggests that the lighter the shade the more spacious an area will appear, whereas darker shades draw in walls, giving the feeling that the room is smaller.

However, there’s no ideal colour for your office, when deciding on a colour scheme you should first determine how the space will be used. And, you don’t have to cover every wall in vibrant colours to make an impact; small touches can make a big difference…

Whether you paint yours walls or add colour through artwork, flooring and/or furniture, introducing colour to your workplace can be simple and in some cases relatively low cost.

What colours would you incorporate in your ideal working environment?  Take a look at our case studies for inspiration, or call us on 03300 415 119 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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