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Modern office design trends

All businesses are different, even companies within the same market sector will have (and more importantly want) a workplace that is unique to them. From the colour scheme and layout right down to the furniture, we all have different needs and tastes. When we undertake an office refurbishment, as well as understanding how your company works and what you want to achieve from the space, we also look at the latest modern office design trends and see how we can incorporate them into your working environment.

Generation Y, the youngest generation now entering the workplace is already creating modern office design trends of their own…

Their expectations of the workplace:

  • Fun, flexible, open spaces
  • The latest technology (Wi-Fi, laptops, tablets)
  • Personalised workspace design
  • Natural daylight
  • Energy efficiency

So, what does this all mean for workplace design?

  • With the introduction of tablets and laptops, desks are getting smaller
  • Employees are more likely to work off-site, although still require a ‘base’, meaning hot desking is becoming popular
  • More and more companies are introducing breakout spaces that can double as informal meeting areas
  • Ergonomic furniture is a must to look after their health and well being

Organisations are beginning to realise that employees are much more likely to remain loyal (or even want to join a company) if they like the working environment.

But, just when you think your office refurbishment includes all the latest modern office design trends, get ready to start all over again… According to our research you should look to refurbish every 2-3 years!

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