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Moveable Walls

Whether you want to sub-divide a classroom, host more than one function in a space at any one time or create a number of rooms from one large office space, moveable walls provide the solution to all of those situations. They make it possible to change your environment day-to-day, allowing you to maximize your space.

Moveable walls comprise of panels which are moved manually and once in place form a partition wall. They are ideal for most office environments, school halls and teaching areas. The partitions can be customized to fit the constraints of the building and can be manoeuvred with ease to fold neatly against the wall or within a custom made storage unit when not in use. They can be fitted into almost any space to produce a layout to suit your needs and depending on the material choice they can also help to improve the acoustics. Available in a wide variety of finishes, they can easily be integrated in to a room while still maintaining an attractive modern design. Providing the look of permanent walls once in place, moveable walls can adapt quickly and easily as your business needs change.

The demands on the workplace are evolving; with the introduction of moveable walls you can have more control over your space. Offering layouts that can be adjusted to meet the changing needs of your office or school they are the ideal solution…

We have installed a large number of moveable walls in a host of different environments for a variety of different reasons.

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